Trip Hazard Mitigation

Precision Concrete will be working in Chichester the next two or three days grinding down sidewalk trip hazards.  If you have questions please call the Town of Gardnerville at 775-782-7134. (10/22/19)  Precision Concrete completed the project the end of October 2019.

Annual Street Sealing

Notice of Street Sealing
The Town of Gardnerville is pleased to announce that we have contracted with Sierra Nevada Construction for street sealing within the area of Douglas Avenue and Sunset Park. Door hangers will be placed directly on impacted residents' doors 72 hours prior to sealing.

Kingslane Sidewalk

The Lumos & Associates engineering firm is working on the improvement plans for this project. We have met with the Kingslane HOA and discussed and coordinated the plans for the new wall along the highway. NV Energy plans are complete for a new meter and street lighting.

Highway 395 Crosswalk Upgrades

On 11/2/15, Lumos was awarded the engineering/surveying/materials testing and construction phase services. A study was needed for NDOT to review the viewshed corridor.  The Hwy 395 Crosswalk Upgrades were put out to bid on April 17, 2020.
Bid Opening
On May 5, 2020 at the Gardnerville Town Board Meeting, the Board rejected all bids.

Hellwinkel Shop

TSK Architects is working on plans for the Hellwinkel Shop.  They will be providing construction and demolition drawings, structural and electrical designs.  When the project goes to construction Lumos & Associates will be providing testing and inspection.