CWSD’s Video Series Debut: Conserving the Carson River Floodplain as a Community Asset

Carson Water Subconservancy District is delighted to debut this new video series underscoring the importance of conserving the Carson River Floodplain:

Public Service Announcement (PSA) - Conserving the Carson River Floodplain as a Community Asset
Agriculture’s a Good Fit for Conserving the Carson River Floodplain as a Community Asset
A Case for Developers to Conserve the Carson River Floodplain as a Community Asset
Our Officials in Conserving the Carson River Floodplain as a Community Asset

Gardnerville Station

Read more on the Gardnerville Station History

UPDATE 11/27/18:
The building has been renovated and the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony has been rescheduled.  The public is invited to attend.

Press Release: Join the Town of Gardnerville, along with Main Street Gardnerville and the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce, for a ribbon cutting ceremony of Gardnerville Station on December 17th at 4:30 p.m. Help celebrate the newly refurbished gas station that was deeded to the Town of Gardnerville by the Douglas County Board of Commissioners in 2013. It has been five years and with the help of NDEP (Brownfields & Petroleum Fund), Community Development Block Grant and Douglas County, the renovation phase of the building has been completed and the town looks forward to more site improvements in the near future.

Kingslane Sidewalk

The Lumos & Associates engineering firm is working on the improvement plans for this project. We have met with the Kingslane HOA and discussed and coordinated the plans for the new wall along the highway. NV Energy plans are complete for a new meter and street lighting.

Martin Slough Trail Amenities

The Martin Slough trail with trail amenities project is complete. The contractor installed concrete stairs to Chichester Drive for access, a new pedestrian trail ADA ramp, and a new pedestrian crossing at Chichester and Gilman Avenues at the existing bridge.

Mill Street

New curb, gutter, sidewalk, and street improvements in partnership with Trinity Lutheran Church's parking lot project. 1/2 Mill Street was re-graded and paved to raise the old curb and gutter up to create positive drainage in the street.

Douglas / Mill Street

ADA and sidewalk improvements were completed, which created compliant ADA access. Relocated the street signs at the back of curb and extended the sidewalk towards Highway 395 for a future project when the town can get the Mill Street crosswalk improvements complete.